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Inline::Scheme::Gambit Build Status

This is a Perl 6 module which allows execution of Gambit Scheme code from Perl 6 code with inspiration from other Inline:: modules like Inline::Python, Inline::Lua, Inline::Scheme::Guile, etc.


use Inline::Scheme::Gambit;

my $gambit = Inline::Scheme::Gambit.new;

my $code = q:to/END/;
    (define (fib n)
     (if (< n 2) n (+ (fib (- n 1)) (fib (- n 2)))))

say $gambit.call('fib', 8);

say $gambit.call('map',
                 $gambit.run(q{(lambda (n) (fib n))}),
                 [0 .. 8]);


Testing has only been done under Rakudo MoarVM on x86-64 Linux. It requires Gambit-C 4, and Gambit-C 4.8.3 and 4.2.8 have been tested by the author.

Values can be passed to and returned from Gambit-C. Simple types like boolean, integer, number, string, list, table, vector should work. Present mapping between Gambit-C and Perl 6 types is as following table.

Gambit-C            from Perl                       to Perl
boolean             Bool                            Bool
integer(exact)      Int                             Int
rational(exact)     Rat                             Rat
rational(inexact)   Num                             Num
complex             Complex                         Complex
string              Stringy                         Str
list                Positional                      Array            
table               Associative                     Hash            
vector                                              Array
procedure                                           OpaquePointer
other objects       OpaquePointer                   OpaquePointer

Note that at present both scheme list and vector converts to Array in Perl 6, but through the call() method (see below) Perl 6 Array only converts to list.

The API is incomplete and experimental. It may change in future if necessary.

To Do

  • Think about wrapping OpaquePointer for scheme-object, so that it can do better on scheme list/vector/procedure/etc.
  • Support scheme record type.
  • Improve error handling.


panda install Inline::Scheme::Gambit

It by default tries to use 'gsc-script' or 'gsc' as the gsc command, and dynamically link to libgambc.so. It supports several environment variables to override the default behavior.

For example to override gsc in case 'gsc-script' or 'gsc' is not in PATH, or 'gsc-script' is an incorrect symlink.

GSC=/usr/bin/gsc panda install Inline::Scheme::Gambit

Or if you would like to static link to some libgambit.a

LIBS=-lutil MYEXTLIB=/usr/lib/gambit-c/libgambit.a panda install Inline::Scheme::Gambit

You can refer to Makefile.in and Build.pm to know more details.



Object of Inline::Scheme::Gambit represents a global Gambit-C instance.

method new()

Returns the global Inline::Scheme::Gambit singleton. The first call to new() initializes the singleton.

method run(Str:D $code)

Runs $code and returns any resulting value.

method call(Str:D $name, **@args)

Calls the named function with @args, and returns any resulting value.