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;;; A Lisp evaluator in Lisp.
;;; It consists of QUOTE, IF, LAMBDA, DEFUN, SETQ, CAR, CDR, CONS, EQ, ATOM, +,
;;; *, -, /, and MOD. It provides them all, so it can run itself recursively.
;;; This program is for both Zick's Lisp and Common Lisp.
((lambda (ge)
;; HACK: Common Lisp treats this as (setq) but my implementations treat #+nil
;; as just a symbol so it defines funcall. Please modify this line if you
;; want to run this evaluator with itself recursively in Common Lisp. CL's
;; reader skips the defun of funcall but it's necessary for this evaluator.
(setq #+nil (defun funcall (f x) (f x)))
;; Makes mutable cons using lambda.
;; Example:
;; (setq x (mcon% 1 2))
;; (x 'car) ;=> 1
;; (x 'cdr) ;=> 2
;; (x (cons 'cdr 99)) ;=> 99 (mutation)
;; (x 'cdr) ;=> 99
(defun mcon% (a d)
(lambda (c) (if (eq c 'car) a
(if (eq c 'cdr) d
(if (eq (car c) 'car) (setq a (cdr c))
(if (eq (car c) 'cdr) (setq d (cdr c))))))))
;; Initialize the global environment. An environment consists of a list of
;; alist.
(setq ge (mcon% (mcon% (mcon% 't 't) ()) ()))
(defun cadr% (x) (car (cdr x)))
(defun cddr% (x) (cdr (cdr x)))
;; assoc for mutable cons.
(defun assoc% (k l)
(if l (if (eq k (funcall (funcall l 'car) 'car)) (funcall l 'car)
(assoc% k (funcall l 'cdr))) ()))
;; Finds a variable from environment.
(defun fv% (k a) (if a ((lambda (r) (if r r (fv% k (funcall a 'cdr))))
(assoc% k (funcall a 'car))) ()))
;; Evaluates an atom. It returns the corresponding value when the given
;; environment has a bind. Otherwise returns the given atom itself.
(defun ea% (e a) ((lambda (b) (if b (funcall b 'cdr) e)) (fv% e a)))
;; Makes an EXPR from lambda or defun.
(defun el% (e a) (cons '%e% (cons (car e) (cons (cdr e) a))))
;; Adds a bind to the global environment.
(defun ae% (s v) (funcall ge
(cons 'car
(mcon% (mcon% s v)
(funcall ge 'car)))) s)
(defun eval% (e a)
(if (atom e) (ea% e a)
(if (eq (car e) 'quote) (cadr% e)
(if (eq (car e) 'if)
(if (eval% (cadr% e) a)
(eval% (cadr% (cdr e)) a) (eval% (cadr% (cddr% e)) a))
(if (eq (car e) 'lambda) (el% (cdr e) a)
(if (eq (car e) 'defun)
(ae% (cadr% e) (el% (cddr% e) a))
(if (eq (car e) 'setq)
((lambda (b v)
(if b (funcall b (cons 'cdr v))
(ae% (cadr% e) v))
(fv% (cadr% e) a) (eval% (cadr% (cdr e)) a))
(apply% (eval% (car e) a)
(evlis% (cdr e) a)))))))))
(defun pairlis% (x y)
(if x (if y (mcon% (mcon% (car x) (car y))
(pairlis% (cdr x) (cdr y))) ()) ()))
(defun evlis% (l a) (if l (cons (eval% (car l) a) (evlis% (cdr l) a)) ()))
(defun progn% (l a r) (if l (progn% (cdr l) a (eval% (car l) a)) r))
(defun apply% (f a)
(if (eq (car f) '%e%)
(progn% (cadr% (cdr f))
(mcon% (pairlis% (cadr% f) a) (cddr% (cdr f))) ())
(if (eq (car f) '%s%)
(funcall (cdr f) a)
;; Makes SUBR and EXPR more readable.
(defun es% (e)
(if (atom e) e
(if (eq (car e) '%s%) '<subr> (if (eq (car e) '%e%) '<expr> e))))
(defun eval%% (e) (es% (eval% e ge)))
(ae% 'car (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(car(car x)))))
(ae% 'cdr (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(cdr(car x)))))
(ae% 'cons (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(cons(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(ae% 'eq (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(eq(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(ae% 'atom (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(atom(car x)))))
(ae% '+ (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(+(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(ae% '* (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(*(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(ae% '- (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(-(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(ae% '/ (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(*(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(ae% 'mod (cons '%s% (lambda(x)(mod(car x)(cadr% x)))))
(eval%% 'WRITE_HERE))