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This is an issues-only repository for

Patch Notes

Beestat 1.2 (11/4/2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed dry contact sensors on EMS Si showing up as "undefined"
  • Fixed fractional degrees incorrectly showing up on aggregate runtime y-axis
  • Restored historical data lost during 1.1 conversion that ecobee no longer has (hotfixed)
  • Slightly tweaked aggregate runtime adjustments for missing data to be more accurate


  • Design
    • Significantly improved look & feel
    • Added popup menus to group less common functionality
    • Added modal windows as necessary/useful
    • Changed color palette slightly
  • System
    • Added humidity
    • Added mode (cool/heat/auto)
    • Added setpoint
    • Added running equipment (cool, heat, aux, fan, ventilator, humidifier, dehumidifier, economizer)
    • Added status (schedule/override)
    • Added currently active comfort profile
    • Added model number
    • Added serial number
    • Added firmware revision
    • Added weather station
    • Added first connected date
    • Added live updating (every 5 minutes; will be enabled within a week post-update)
    • Updated thermostat switcher to include system mode (cool/heat)
    • Updated thermostat switcher to include thermostat temperature
  • Sensors
    • Added occupancy indicator
    • Added in-use indicator
    • Added temperature above/below average temperature indicator
    • Added live updating (every 5 minutes)
  • Alerts (new card)
    • Added custom beestat alerts for heat/cool differential temp
    • Alerts can be dismissed from beestat (does not affect alerts on your thermostat)
  • Patreon (new card)
    • You can now support beestat on Patreon:
    • Patreon banner can be hidden if you link your Patreon account and you are a supporter
    • Patreon banner can be hidden for one month at a time if you are not a supporter
    • There are no software limitations if you are not a supporter
  • Other
    • Added fractional degrees to mostly everything
    • Updated settings to store on server instead of client (which thermostat you have open, chart settings, alert settings, etc)
    • Updated storage schema to more genericly support different thermostat types (working towards Nest support)
    • Added "" watermark to chart exports
    • Improved API call caching
    • Improved help screens a bit
    • Fixed tooltip positioning going off the edge on mobile
  • Recent Activity
    • Added indoor humidity
    • Added follow me (Home, Away, Sleep, etc)
      • Note: Uses your current schedule so it can be wrong if you changed your schedule recently; fix is pending
    • Added system mode (tooltip only)
    • Added duration for all equipment runs (ex: see that your heat ran for 2h 32m)
    • Added accessory
    • Added colors to tooltip
    • Combined Heat1/2 & Cool1/2 into a single entry on the legend
    • Added deferred loading; loading of application is not blocked by this chart
  • Aggregate Runtime
    • Updated tooltip to show time more granularly (ex: 2h 10m instead of rounding to 2h)
    • Added colors to tooltip
    • Added deferred loading; loading of application is not blocked by this chart
  • Home Efficiency
    • Restyled graph to be nicer and more intuitive
    • Removed home & location info
    • Added arbitrary "efficiency score" and ranking. Higher score is better. Lower percentile is better.
    • More changes to this coming in the next version of beestat
    • Added deferred loading; loading of application is not blocked by this chart

Beestat 1.1 (7/20/2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed runtime over-reporting for multi-stage systems
  • Fixed multiple stages not showing up for non-heat pump systems
  • Fixed non-heat pump systems showing heat as aux
  • Fixed graph rendering bug when changing the time range on Aggregate Runtime graph
  • Fixed rendering issue on Temperature Profile graph when resizing
  • Fixed too many fonts loading
  • Fixed setpoint series generally behaving poorly in many circumstances
  • Fixed database query failing when time zone was positive UTC (hotfixed)
  • Fixed invalid date on aggregate runtime graph (hotfixed)


  • Added smoothing to inside and outside temperature series on Recent Activity graph
  • Added 1d, 3d, 7d options to Recent Activity graph
  • Added basic help descriptions to all graphs
  • Added useful links to footer
  • Added privacy page
  • Improved overall look & feel of graphs slightly (size, colors, fonts, icons, etc)
  • Improved performance of Recent Activity graph, especially when resizing or toggling series
  • Improved chart export sizes/filenames
  • Updated chart axis to not change when toggling series
  • Rewrote entire frontend to not be a heap of garbage

Other Notes:

  • Upon logging in all thermostat data will fully re-sync as there is new data added that was not synced previously.

Known Issues:

  • Re-sync is causing historical weather data (before April 2018) to be missing as ecobee no longer has this data
  • Re-sync is causing historical thermostat data (before May 2017) to sometimes be missing as ecobee is no longer reporting this data

Beestat 1.0 (5/8/2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • N/A


  • Basic system view
  • Recent activity graph
  • Aggregate runtime graph
  • Temperature Profile graph (beta)