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# This file has been placed in the public domain.
# This code is adapted from the Makefile for the SLIME docs.
THING = sheeple
TEXI = $(THING).texinfo
default: pdf $(THING)/
all: dvi ps info html $(THING)/ tgz pdf
dvi ps info html tgz pdf: %: $(THING).%
$(THING).dvi: $(TEXI) logo.eps
texi2dvi --build-dir=.dvi $<
$(THING).ps: $(THING).dvi
dvips -o $@ $<
$(THING).info: $(TEXI) logo.png
makeinfo $<
$(THING).html: $(TEXI) logo.svg
texi2html $<
$(THING)/: $(TEXI) logo.png
makeinfo -o $@ --html $<
cp logo.png $@
$(THING).tgz: $(THING)/
tar -czf $@ $<
$(THING).pdf: $(TEXI) logo.png
texi2pdf --build-dir=.pdf $<
logo.png logo.eps: logo.svg
convert $< -trim $@
rm -rf $(THING){,.{info,pdf,dvi,ps,html,tgz}} logo.{eps,png}
fullclean: clean
rm -rf .{pdf,dvi}