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Python package for dealing with Planck satellite data
part of the US Planck Test Environment
license: GPL v3
author: Andrea Zonca
this software needs data that are not publicly available in
order to work [RIMO, SIAM, AHF], and are not included in the
package, therefore you need to be part of the Planck Collaboration
to use it.
this software does not include any performance number or any other
information covered by the Planck Data Agreement.
If you are member of the Planck collaboration and interested in using
and contributing to the software please contact me.
* planck, LFI, HFI: metadata classes for LFI and HFI channels
created dynamically from the Reduced Instrument Model (RIMO),
not publicly available, not even channel names are available in
this package.
* pointing: pointing library which builds detector pointing from
satellite quaternions, it is based on quaternionarray
* utils, ps, hitmap: utilities for date conversion, angular power spectra
and hitmaps
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