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Hi there 👋

Welcome to our GitHub page. We are the international team behind the company - Zondax, a leading blockchain service provider based in Switzerland.

We are good at delivering outstanding blockchain services and software solutions in the fields of:

  • 🔐Security
  • ⚙️Data Indexing
  • 👩‍💻Integration
  • 🚀Protocol Engineering

In this GitHub repository, you can find a long list of top-notch blockchain projects we’ve contributed to & we’re actively involved in, such as Filecoin, Stacks, Ledger Live, Trustwallet, Zcash, Polkadot, and many more.

Connect with us:

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  1. ledger-polkadot ledger-polkadot Public

    Polkadot app for Ledger Nano S and X

    C 66 32

  2. ledger-kusama ledger-kusama Public

    Kusama app for Ledger Nano S and X

    C 50 19

  3. ledger-filecoin ledger-filecoin Public

    Filecoin app for Ledger Nano S and X

    C 26 17

  4. ledger-zcash ledger-zcash Public

    Zcash app for Ledger Nano S and X

    TypeScript 16 11

  5. filecoin-signing-tools filecoin-signing-tools Public archive

    Filecoin Signing Library

    Rust 106 50

  6. zemu zemu Public

    Ledger Nano Emulation/testing framework

    TypeScript 33 16


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