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  1. Push-Pull-Rotate kinematics / motion planning

    NetLogo 2 3

  2. ZUI Public

    Zoomable Container hosting Floating Windows with Zoomable Content

    C# 12 7

  3. ClipFlair Public

    Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Revoicing and Captioning of Clips

    C# 3 4

  4. LvS Public

    LvS is an audio/video subtitling application for the "Learning Via Subtitling" project, focusing on foreign language learning and teacher/student interation

    HTML 1 1

  5. TrackingCam Public

    Track a presenting person and stream video. Video input & display, Position tracking, Camera PTZ control, Digital video zoom

    C# 12 5

  6. READCOM_App Public

    READ-COM: Reading Communities App

    Pascal 11 5



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