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my $router = Path::Router.new;

$router.add-route('blog' => (
    defaults => {
        controller => 'blog',
        action     => 'index',
    # you can provide a fixed "target"
    # for a match as well, this can be
    # anything you want it to be ...
    target => My::App.get_controller('blog').get_action('index')

$router.add-route('blog/:year/:month/:day' => (
    defaults => {
        controller => 'blog',
        action     => 'show_date',
    # validate with ...
    validations => {
        # ... raw-Regexp refs
        year       => rx/\d ** 4/,
        # ... custom types you created
        month      => NumericMonth,
        # ... anon-subsets created inline
        day        => (anon subset NumericDay of Int where * <= 31),

$router.add-route('blog/:action/?:id' => (
    defaults => {
        controller => 'blog',
    validations => {
        action  => rx/\D+/,
        id      => Int,  # also use Perl6 types too

# even include other routers
$router.include-router( 'polls/' => $another_router );

# ... in your dispatcher

# returns a Path::Router::Route::Match object
my $match = $router.match('/blog/edit/15');

# ... in your code

my $uri = $router.uri-for(
    controller => 'blog',
    action     => 'show_date',
    year       => 2006,
    month      => 10,
    day        => 5,


This module provides a way of deconstructing paths into parameters suitable for dispatching on. It also provides the inverse in that it will take a list of parameters, and construct an appropriate uri for it.


This module places a high degree of importance on reversability. The value produced by a path match can be passed back in and you will get the same path you originally put in. The result of this is that it removes ambiguity and therefore reduces the number of possible mis-routings.


This module also provides additional tools you can use to test and verify the integrity of your router. These include:

  • An interactive shell in which you can test various paths and see the match it will return, and also test the reversability of that match.

  • A Test::Path::Router module which can be used in your applications test suite to easily verify the integrity of your paths.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp ported the Perl 5 version of this library by Stevan Little to Perl 6. From there, he continued to embellish it further.

Copyright 2015 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp.

This is a derivative work of the Perl 5 version of this library which is Copyright 2008-2011 Infinity Interactive, Inc.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.