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Error in call to mochiweb:new_request #409

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Found this error in one of our live sites:

2012-09-10 11:29:16.623 [error] <0.26206.307> CRASH REPORT Process <0.26206.307> 
with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: no function clause 
matching mochiweb:new_request({#Port<0.1781020>,{"Mobile","Safari/533.1",{0,9}},
[{'Cookie',"z_pid=H3ajCHTTw9kb0697ieSM; z_sid..."},...]})

Might be something specific for the user agent, this needs to be checked.

Zotonic member

Looks like a crash in mochiweb when a malformed request is sent. From the log files I can see that a user agent tries an HTTP request like this:

GET $uri../../../../../etc/passwd%00

Don't think we should take any action.

@arjan arjan closed this
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I agree, if a request is malformed, then crashing is a valid end of the request.

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