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Search pager refactoring needed #429

mworrell opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Currently we still use a hack to calculate the number of search results. This was placed somewhere in 2009 when we had to release.

We need to add a real way to support the pager, especially with our growing databases.

Just calculating the exact number of results is not doable when you have a lot of results and want to stay fast.

Though here is a solution mentioned (in the comments):

I propose a strategy where we don't know the number of results, but do know if there are more than the ones we fetched.


  • Select the page we want using limit/offset
  • Add some extra pages to the limit
  • Check how many results we got back:

    • If we got the limit results, unset as is_complete flag
    • If we got less, set the is_complete flag

    In both cases recalculate the number of expected pages.

The pager would then look something like:

[1] [2] [3] ... [more]

Please some feedback.

We could use the exact calculation method if the is_exact_page_count flag is set as an argument to the query (like the page and page length args)

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