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Contribution Guidelines

This document is intended to be a living summary of conventions & best practices for development of the Visual Studio Code Extension for Zowe.

Primary Contribution Guidelines

The following information is critical to working with the code, running/writing/maintaining automated tests, developing consistent syntax in your plug-in, and ensuring that your plug-in integrates with Zowe CLI properly:

For more information about ... See:
General guidelines that apply to contributing to Zowe CLI and Plug-ins Contribution Guidelines
Conventions and best practices for creating packages and plug-ins for Zowe CLI Package and Plug-in Guidelines
Guidelines for running tests on Zowe CLI Testing Guidelines
Guidelines for running tests on the plug-ins that you build for Zowe CLI Plug-in Testing Guidelines
Documentation that describes the features of the Imperative CLI Framework About Imperative CLI Framework
Versioning conventions for Zowe CLI and Plug-ins Versioning Guidelines

Contribution Guidelines Specific to the VSC Extension for Zowe

The following guidelines apply specifically to the extension:

None at this time.