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Writeup for Takoma Park CTF 2017
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TPCTF 2017 Writeups

This is a collection of my writeups for challenges in Takoma Park CTF 2017 which took place from 03 Dec (01:00 GMT+8) - 04 Dec (13:00 GMT+8) 2017


40th place / 415 points


Challenge Category Points Remarks
Sanity Check Slightly More Trivial 1
Zalgo Slightly More Trivial 2
trivial rev Slightly More Trivial 2
trivial rsa Slightly More Trivial 3
trivial stego Slightly More Trivial 3
trivial arithmetic Slightly More Trivial 4
Ads Web 20
IRC Web 50
That's not latin... Misc 10
Not Lisp Misc 20
Not Quite LSD Steganography 30
Twirl Steganography 35
Woah Steganography 40
Bad Restaurant Crypto 5
768 Crypto 30
Bad Encryption Reverse Engineering 100
Super Encryption Reverse Engineering 60


Challenge Category Points Remarks
You are nothing Misc 70
Public key? What about no key? Crypto 60
Strange Message Steganography 30
Secret Doc Forensics 60
Word Find Forensics 70
Rick Forensics 70
Sorta Forensics 70
Demo File Forensics 90
Lost Flag Crypto 75
I need better friends Reverse Engineering 110
Methods Web 50
What is this place? Web 60
Management Web 60
Common Sense Web 100
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