Collects variables from SCSS files and combines them into one settings file.
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Once banished to ZURB's Creatures of Nightmare as a freakish outcast, the Octophant has found its calling as a file generator. Nimble and flexible, the Octophant uses its many trunks to gather a framework's many Sass variables, aggregating them into one file.

We make use of the Octophant's talents at ZURB with the Foundation family of front-end frameworks, to automatically generate settings files.

To summon the Octophant in your own project, run npm install octophant.


Variables are parsed using SassDoc, which means any variable you want to be found must be documented with a comment that has three slashes.

/// This variable will be found by the parser.
$primary-color: blue;

// This one won't.
$private-value: 10px;

Variables are grouped by component. The component is defined by the @group a variable belongs to. The group can be set on individual variables, or on every variable in a file using a poster comment.

When writing the file, Octophant automatically converts hyphens in group names to spaces, and then capitalizes each word. So menu-bar becomes Menu Bar. You can also define custom names for each group with the groups option.

/// @group button

/// Button background
$button-background: blue;

/// Button color
$button-color: white;


parser(files [, options, cb])

Parses a set of files and creates a new SCSS file with all of the collected variables in one place. This value is passed directly to the SassDoc parser, which accepts a directory name, or a glob pattern of files.


Type: Array or String

One or more globs to parse.


Type: Object

  • title (String): Title to print at the top of the file.
  • output (String): Path relative to the CWD to output the settings file to.
  • groups (Object): A set of key/value pairs for the sections of the settings file. Each key is a SassDoc group, and the value is an expanded name.
  • imports (Array): A series of strings which represent Sass libraries to import. These libraries are added as @import statements before the first section.
  • sort (Array): A series of strings which represent sections that should be floated to the top. You don't need to define every group here; groups left out of sort will remain alphabetical.


Type: Function

Callback to run when the file has been written to disk.