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📌 Description

This repository contains some of my scripts that i created to automate some recon processes.
It performs the following things;

  1. Get subdomains of a domain
  2. Filter out only online domains
  3. Scan the domains for CRLF
  4. Check for a CORS misconfigurations
  5. Test for open redirects
  6. Grab sensitive headers
  7. Get sensitive info from error pages
  8. Check for subdomain takeovers
  9. Extract javascript files
  10. Feed the javascript files into 'relative-url-extractor'
  11. Screenshot all domains
  12. Check if sites run wordpress
  13. Start a wpscan on the wordpress sites
  14. Do a nmap service scan

More tools in comming soon / in progress 😉

All output will get saved in a folder named by the domain, in the output folder.
In this folder it will create files with the discovered content.


git clone;  
cd 003Recon;  
./;  #Or if you have some tools already installed, edit the paths in and comment those tools out here.  

And then call it with:


Also, you might need to install some python modules like 'requests'.

👌 Created by 003random - @003random -