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Get Zero Install

Visit to download Zero Install for your operating system.

This repository contains the source code for that website.


bootstrap/ contains a simple PHP script that creates bootstrapping EXEs or bash scripts for installing Zero Install and then running a feed.

Links to the deployed instance of this script are automatically generated by the default feed stylesheet used by 0repo.

The script takes the following HTTP GET parameters:

  • name (required): The name of the application described by the feed.
  • uri (required): The URI of the feed.
  • mode (optional): run (default) or integrate

How it works

The scripts loads a template file based on the user agent's operating system, substitutes placeholders with the parameters and returns the file as the response.

Linux and are shell scripts that first tries to detect the distribution's package manager, then uses it to install Zero Install and finally invokes 0install run or 0install add for the target feed. The script contains placeholders that are replaced by the PHP script.


The Zero Install for Windows Bootstrapper executable contains placeholders that are replaced by the PHP script.