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This is the Django source for the comic website Name Removed.

It used to live at google code ...

Some Things Have Changed

  • slug field in contributor
  • height and width names in comic
  • contribution with null contributor should instead be 666
  • also add the following to the dumpdata
  "pk": 666,
  "model": "contributions.contributor",
  "fields": {
      "info": "Nothing special.",
      "name": "None",
      "slug": "none"

How To Update

  • run on a recent dumpdata
  • run python sqlflush | python dbshell
  • You have to create the chunks yourself from your old templates
  • You have to manually convert your Extra pages into flatpages. Sucks, I know!

About This Branch

This is the branch that sits on the server. The master branch is where changes happen, and they're occasionally merged into this.