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Directory Structure

The are three top-level directories:

  • AbstractPlatform (The TAP)
  • Sanctum (Sanctum Model)
  • SGX (SGX model).


First, you will need to install boogie. You'll also need to set the BOOGIE environment variable to point to the boogie executable on your system. For example, I set it as follows:

$ export BOOGIE="mono ~/research/verification/boogie/Binaries/Boogie.exe"

Abstract Trusted Platform

The trusted abstract platform (TAP) is in AbstractPlatform.

Running The TAP Proofs

$ cd AbstractPlatform
$ make

Don't forget to set $BOOGIE

Refinement Proofs

The code is in SanctumRefinementProof.bpl and SGXRefinementProof.bpl.

Running the Refinement Proofs.

Just run make!

Sanctum Model

Sanctum contains all of the Sanctum model.

  • Sanctum/Common defines common, types, constants and functions.
  • Sanctum/Host/OS.bpl contains functions that would be implemented in the operating system.
  • Sanctum/MMU contains the MMU. See below for details.
  • Sanctum/Sanctum contains the Sanctum model and non-interference proofs.

Executing the Proofs

To run all proofs for the Sanctum model (including the MMU proof), just run make in Sanctum.

$ cd Sanctum
$ make

Running all the proofs may take several minutes. (There are a couple of extra proofs that aren't mentioned in the paper here.)

SGX Model

The SGX model is in SGX. There is nothing to run here.