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Go package to parse Bitcoin Core's mempool.dat file
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This Go package parses bitcoin mempool mempool.dat files. These are wirtten by Bitcoin Core v0.14+ on shutdown and since v0.16.0 with the RPC savemempool.

The package offers access to the mempool.dat

  • header: version and number of transactions
  • mempool entries: raw transaction (here parsed as btcsuite/btcd/wire MsgTx), first seen timestamp and the feeDelta
  • and the not-parsed mapDeltas as byte slices

You may see this package as Work-In-Progress. There are no tests yet.

Example usage

For a runnable version of this snippet see main.go.

import (
  mempoolDat ""


const path string = "mempool.dat"


// please handle errors, omitted for brevity 
mempool, _ := mempoolDat.ReadMempoolFromPath(path)

// prints the version and number of tx

// get all mempool entries with GetMempoolEntries (here only the first three are used)
for _, e := range mempool.GetMempoolEntries()[:3]{

// get the firstSeen timestamp of a transaction

/* Furthermore you can use the full functionality of MsgTx (
    - transaction has a witness (spends a SegWit output)? with <entry>.transaction.HasWitness() 
    - access input and outputs
    - ...
    But there is no way to get feerates for transactions, because they are (rightfully) not stored in the `mempool.dat`.
    You'd have to the current UTXO set to get input amounts (which you need to calculate the fees)

The full documentation can be fund on

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