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'Hacking Team' Sweeper

Hacking Team has developed a large amount of malware that is being used to target activists around the world. A hacker has recently released a 400+ GB data dump of internal HackingTeam source code. Currently there is a possibility that HT clients are attempting to wipe traces off their victim's computers. We need your aid to help perserve evidence. If you have technical skills we urge to contribute, time is of the essence.

Step 1: Reporting signatures

This is currently where we need help. If you know of any signatures unique to the Hacking Team trojans, please document them in the respective file in the 'signatures' subdirectory and submit a pull request. If possible, also link to the file where you got this information from.

Step 2: Detection

Once we know what to look for, writing native scripts (powershell, bash, etc) for each of the three major OSes should be straight forward. Additionally, the information found in step 1 should also be useful to extending tools such as detekt.

Step 3: Preservation

If HT malware is detected on the system, all relevant files should be saved to a ZIP, with the user advised to save it offline.


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