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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ The png files are saved into `~/Desktop/UIKit Artwork Extractor-version` where *
*UIKit Artwork Extractor* can also generate glossy buttons png files. Thanks to [@schwa]( for the original code. Three states (normal/highlighted/disabled) glossy buttons png files are saved into the same directory as UIKit artwork png files.
# Screenshots #
-![Artwork]( "Artwork")
-![UISwitch]( "UISwitch")
-![Emoji]( "Emoji")
-![Glossy Button]( "Glossy Button")
+![Artwork]( "Artwork")
+![UISwitch]( "UISwitch")
+![Emoji]( "Emoji")
+![Glossy Button]( "Glossy Button")

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