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Tools for Installing/Running Debian on all ARM-based Buffalo Linkstation/Terastation devices.

If this project helps you click the Star at the top of the page to let me know! If you'd like to contribute to the continued development/maintenance consider clicking on the sponsor button.

In addition to the Issues and Discussions tabs on GitHub we now also have a Discord channel at or our IRC on Libera.Chat in the #miraheze-buffalonas channel!

Quick Note about Debian Bullseye:

Testing for the armhf and amd64 based devices went well and installer images for those devices have been posted. The older armel devices are going to be more difficult to get working and will take some more time to figure out.

It looks like the devices are going to fall into a few different categories

  • Devices that work with Debian's kernel and the installer process: LS-GL + ?
  • Devices that require kernel or uboot modifications to boot Bullseye: TS-XEL + ?
  • Devices that only work with the debootstrap/disk image process: LS-CHLv2, LS-XL + ?
  • Devices that currently can't run Bullseye because of kernel/uboot issues: TS-HTGL/TS-RTGL, TS-XL/TS-RXL + ?
  • Devices I don't currently have access to for testing: LS-XHL, LS-WTGL

I've moved all the documentation to the wiki:


Toha -

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Tools for Installing/Running Debian on Buffalo ARM based Linkstation/Terastation/Kurobox/Cloudstor devices.



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