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AWS Day 1-Introduction to CloudWatch Metrics

Day 2-Introduction to Simple Notification Service(SNS)

Day 3-Introduction to CloudTrail

Day 4-CloudWatch log agent Installation — Centos7

Day 5-CloudWatch to Slack Notification

Day 6-CloudWatch Logs(Metric Filters)

Day 7-AWS S3 Event

Day 8-Introduction to AWS Security Token Service(STS)

Day 9-Delegate Access Across AWS Accounts Using IAM Roles

Day 10- Restricting User to Launch only T2 Instance

Day 11- Restricting S3 Bucket Access to Specific IP Addresses

Day 12- How to ensure that users can’t turn off CloudTrail

Day 13- How to stop/start EC2 instance on schedule basis to save cost

Day 14- How to automate the process of EBS Snapshot Creation

Day 22-Introduction to Key Management System(KMS)

Day 23- How to encrypt EBS Volume using KMS

Day 24- How to encrypt S3 Bucket using KMS

Day 25-AWS S3 Bucket using Terraform

Day 26-Introduction to IAM

Day 28- Introduction to VPC Flow Logs

Day 29- Introduction to RDS — MySQL

Day 30-Introduction to AWS CLI

Day 31-Introduction to VPC Peering

Day 32-Introduction to NAT Gateway

Day 33- On Demand Hibernate

Day 35-AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering (S3 INT)

Day 36-Introduction to AWS System Manager

Day 37- Automate the Process of AMI Creation Using System Manager Maintenance Windows

Day 38-Introduction to Transit Gateway

Day 39-Introduction to VPC EndPoint

Day 40-Introduction to AWS Config

Day 41-Real-Time Apache Log Analysis using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Day 42-Audit your AWS Environment

Day 43- Introduction to EC2

Day 44-S3 Cross Region Replication(CRR)

Day 45-Simple Backup Solution using S3, Glacier and VPC Endpoint

Day 46-Introduction to Amazon Glacier

Day 47-Introduction to Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

Day 48- Threat detection and mitigation at AWS

Day 49-Introduction to Route53

Day 50-Introduction to Route53 Failover

Day 69-Introduction to AWS Lambda

Day 70-Introduction to Boto3

Day 71-EC2 Instance creation using Lambda

Day 92-Choosing Right EC2 Instance Type

Day 98- AWS Lambda with Terraform Code

Day 99- AWS Boto3

Terraform Day 15- Introduction to Terraform

Day 16- Building VPC using Terraform

Day 17- Creating EC2 Instance using Terraform

Day 18-Add monitoring to these instances using Terraform(CloudWatch and SNS)

Day 19 – Application Load Balancer using Terraform

Day 20— Auto-Scaling Group using Terraform

Day 21- MySQL RDS Database Creation using Terraform

CI-CD Day 27- Introduction to Packer

Day 34- Terraform Pipeline using Jenkins

BASH SCRIPTING Day 51-Introduction to Bash Scripting

Day 52-Conditional Testing in Shell

Day 53-Introduction to Regular Expression — Part 1

Day 65-Bash Script to Monitor Service

Day 85- Shell Script to find the failed login

Day 91-How to check if the file exists (Bash/Python)

Linux Day 54-And You Thought You Knew RPM

Day 55-Introduction to YUM

Day 56-Debugging Performance Issue using SAR

Day 57-Debugging I/O Performance Issue

Day 62-Useful Linux Command for Network Troubleshooting

Day 63- Wireshark for HTTP/HTTPS Analysis

Day 66-Linux Boot Process

Day 67-Introduction to Chrony

Day 68-Introduction to Systemd

Day 76-How Linux Kernel is organized

Day 77-Process Management in Linux

Ansible Day 73- Introduction to Ansible

GIT Day 74- Introduction to GIT

Docker & Kubernetes Day 58-Docker Basics

Day 59- Introduction to DockerFile

Day 72-Introduction to Kubernetes

Jenkins Day 60-Introduction to Jenkins

Day 61-Jenkins Agent Node

Python Day 64- Regular Expression using Python

Day 78- Python OS/Subprocess Module

Day 79-Apache Log Parser Using Python

Day 80-Python Unit Testing(Pytest)

Day 81-Debugging Python Code

Day 82- Python Object Oriented Programming(OOP)

Day 86-Python Flow Control(if-else statement)

Day 87-While/For Loop Python

Day 88-Lists in Python

Day 89-Python Files I/O

Day 90- Try and Except Statement Python

Day 93-Python Functions

Day 94-Introduction to Numpy for Data Analysis

Day 95-Introduction to Django

Miscellaneous Day 75- Introduction to Fabric

Day 83-Introduction to Splunk

Day 84-Introduction to ElasticSearch

Day 96-Document Object Model(DOM)

Day 97-Introduction to JQuery

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