The Best Photo Extension APP on iOS.
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The Best Photo Extension APP on iOS


  1. Adaptivity:

Run On iPhone & iPad, Support both portrait and landscape orientations

  1. Multitasking:

Support Slide Over, Split View on iPad & iPad Pro

  1. Editable:

Celluloid can reconstructs the past edits, it can allow users to alter or revert past edits or add new edit.

  1. Filter, Bubble, Sticker and Collage features for photo editing.



  1. AutoLayout + StackView
  • layout
  • adaptivity
  • multiasking
  1. Core Image

  2. PhotoKit

  3. Photo Extension

  4. Cocoa Touch Framework

  • Code Sharing
  • Code Reuse


  1. Functional Programming

  2. Powerful Enum

  3. Strong Typing and Inferred type