A simple OS X dashboard widget for Wake-on-Lan
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This is a simple OS X Dashboard Widget for waking up devices using wake on lan. If you just want to install the current version of the widget, you only need to download and double click the Awake.wdgt file in the dist folder.


Since Dashcode isn't supported on modern versions of OS X the workflow for widget development is quiet ugly. To get from source to a installed widget you have to rename the widget root folder containing all relevant files (here src/Awake) adding a .wdgt extension. Finally a double click installs the widget to your dashboard. Because of caching issues I recommend restarting the Dashboard process before installing a new version of the same widget, which happens pretty often during development. Therefore I added the deploy.sh script to automate the folder renaming and process termination, which creates a ready to install Awake.wdgt file in the dist folder.


MIT-Zero License, which basically means: do whatever you want!