A Jekyll plugin to thumbnailify any image
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A Jekyll plugin to thumbnailify any image.

This plugin will read an image file from your image folder, produce a thumbnail version of it and render this html

<a class="image" href="/images/foobar.png"><img src="/images/foobar_t.png" /></a>

This way, you can the use any JS plugin to add easily an effect going from the thumbnail image to the real image. For instance, you can use:


  • Install mini magick: gem install mini_magick (or use gem "mini_magick" in your gemfile and then bundle install)
  • At the root of your site, if you don't have one, create a folder called _plugins
  • Copy jekyll-thumbnailify.rb: wget https://raw.github.com/10io/jekyll-thumbnailify/master/jekyll-thumbnailify.rb (if you don't have wget, brew it!)


  • At the root of your site, put all your images in a folder called images
  • In any page of your Jekyll site, use {% t foo.png %} to generate the thumbnail image and the link


  • the image folder name(by default, images) can be configured in the _config.yml file using the images_directory variable
  • the images_directory can point to a subfolder, for example: images/posts
  • the css class name(by default, image) of the generated link can be configured in the _config.yml file using the images_css_class variable