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v0.2.10: Eleventy-Aught-Two-Ten

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@zachleat zachleat released this 25 Jan 15:24
· 2253 commits to main since this release


npm install -g @11ty/eleventy


  • Configuration API:

    • Add custom helpers, filters, and tags! Read more and here
    • Universal filters: experimental. Add a single filter that cascades to multiple template engine types! Supports Liquid, Nunjucks, and Handlebars: eleventyConfig.addFilter(name, function(value) {});
    • In addition to the filters and tags provided by the templating engines themselves, Eleventy provides url and slug universal filters.
  • Layout Aliasing (useful if you’re migrating a bunch of existing content)

  • Allow content to use the YYYY-MM-DD-filename.suffix format and this date will be used for sorting in collections.

  • Fixed a gnarly bug when mixing template engines between content and layouts (now working as advertised) (#44)

  • Additions to eleventy-base-blog. I was able to dump all 10+ years worth of markdown posts from into an eleventy-base-blog branch for a pretty-easy working Jekyll content migration! Stay tuned for more info on migrating!

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