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Official Joke API


Grab a random joke!

Grab ten random jokes!

Grab jokes by type!

The endpoints are jokes/:type/random or jokes/:type/ten. For example:

Grab joke by id!

Use endpoint /jokes/:id

How these jokes were collected

The majority of these jokes were contributed by joke-loving coders around the world!

Make a contribution!

Submit a Pull Request, with your joke added to the jokes/index.json file. Make sure the joke is in this format:

  "type": "programming",
  "setup": "What's the best thing about a Boolean?",
  "punchline": "Even if you're wrong, you're only off by a bit."

Run Locally

  • Clone the repo
  • npm i && npm run dev
  • Visit localhost:3005/jokes/random or localhost:3005/jokes/ten on your browser!