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Migration guide from RailwayJS 1.0 to CompoundJS 1.1.3

General guidelines

  • The app variable is no longer global, but accessible via . Make sure to change all your files that reference app directly
  • The same goes for models. They are now accessible via compound.models. . This also applies to model relations, for example: model.hasMany(compound.models.anotherModel);
  • The following files, autogenerated by railwayjs, should be regeneraterd or rewritten since they changed
    • server.js
    • config/environment.js, config/environments/*, and config/initializers (see below)
    • app/models/* (see below)
    • config/initializers/db-tools.js
    • views using formTag and formFor(see below)

config/environment.js, config/environments/*, and config/initializers

now should export function

module.exports = function (compound) {
    var app =;
    var User = compound.models.User;
    // rest of file goes here


now should export function

module.exports = function (compound, ModelName) {
    ModelName.prototype.method = function () {

As mentioned before, remember the new way to reference other models:

module.exports = function (compound, ModelName) {
    ModelName.hasMany(compound.models.anotherModelName, {as: anotherMode});


  1. Avoid using formTag and formFor with blocks, new syntax:

    <% var form = formFor(resource) %>
    <%- form.begin() %>
    <%- form.input('propertyname') %>
    <%- form.submit() %>
    <%- form.end() %>
  2. Use include instead of partial:

    <%- partial('post/form', {form: form, resource: resource}) %> becomes <%- include '_form' %>

csrf protection

In newest CompoundJS version PUT and DELETE methods also protected from CSRF, so you need to obtain latest javascripts/rails.js from compoundjs (generate new project and copy to existing one).


This is replacement for npmfile. File should export function which return array of extensions:

module.exports = function (compound) {
    return [

update /javascripts/rails.js

Compound protects PUT and DELETE requests from request forgery, so you need to update old public/javascripts/rails.js file to get working ajax requests.

something else?

fix this file, request pull