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v0.9.9 – last stable release of moveVis with old syntax

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@16EAGLE 16EAGLE released this 31 Jan 15:02
· 346 commits to master since this release

This release represents the last version of moveVis using the old moveVis function syntax.

With moveVis 0.10.0, a rewrite of moveVis has been released. The new version of moveVis introduces new functions that make it much easier to create animations from movement and imagery data and customize them. However, code written for older versions of moveVis (<= 0.9.9) will not work with newer moveVis versions (>= 0.10). While it is highly recommended to adjust your old code and use the new moveVis functions, there might be some cases where you need your old code to work. For this, the last version supporting functions of older versions (such as animate_move()) is released here.