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Welcome to the Challenge Program!


IT companies often use "challenge tasks" as introductory projects to vet potential employees and interns. These projects give interested individuals a chance to prove themselves, learn a bit about the company & products, and produce useful results in the process. In fact, the challenge program was so successful for some teams, that they made solving a challenge a part of their hiring pipeline.

Investigations Team Video

Our challenges are extremely independent and will require you to manage your own time and work process. Some tasks in our Challenge Program are paid, and we are constantly adding new ones. If you want more work in a specific area, email, and we'll do our best to create more tasks.

General rules

  • Anyone can participate in a challenge. You do not need anyone's approval to start working or to submit your results.
  • If bounty is available, we will pay it and close the task as soon as we get enough good quality submissions that fulfill all the requirements listed in the issue description.
  • By participating in the Challenge Program, you agree to let challenge creators use any and all work submitted for any internal or external purposes.

Navigating and Working with the Tasks

  • In the issue list, you'll find a list of tasks that are currently available.
  • You are free to start working on any open challenge issue whenever you want.
  • For highly complex tasks, we are willing to lock individual issues for qualified candidates to make sure no one else is working on it. For that, please comment in the issue and email with your CV/profile. We'll review your request and assign the issue exclusively to you.
  • To be alerted whenever we create new tasks, please click "👁 Watch" in the upper right corner.


When you successfully complete a paid challenge (bounty) task, you'll be contacted by the challnge creators and given the choice of how you want to get paid:


Most of our bounty participants choose Bitcoin and other digital currencies to get paid. It's the quickest and most reliable way of getting paid anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

Online payment systems

Another viable option for those who prefer fiat currencies. We have PayPal and YooMoney accounts. It takes a day or two for us to fund them, so expect a slight delay in getting paid.

Bank transfers and checks

The snail transfers of the traditional banking system are also possible. We can make an ACH or SEPA bank transfer, or a card-to-card transfer available in some countries. It might take up to a week for the payment to clear.

Let us know if you prefer another way of getting paid, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

  • It's important to note that many potential hires will compete for the same challenges, and completing one does not guarantee a bounty payment or a full-time position.
  • To submit your work, email or leave a comment in the issue, and we'll get in touch with you regarding the payment or to help you make necessary changes to your submission.