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Grouplet Playbook

"Grouplets" are self-organizing teams of volunteers that address concerns affecting a broad segment of the organization. 18F currently has two types of Grouplets.

This website is based upon the 18F Guides Template.

Generating the site/hosting locally

You will need Ruby ( > version 2.1.5 ). You may consider using a Ruby version manager such as rbenv or rvm to help ensure that Ruby version upgrades don't mean all your gems will need to be rebuilt.

On OS X, you can use Homebrew to install Ruby in /usr/local/bin, which may require you to update your $PATH environment variable:

$ brew update
$ brew install ruby

To create a new guide and serve it locally, where MY-NEW-GUIDE is the name of your new repository:

$ git clone MY-NEW-GUIDE
$ ./go init
$ ./go serve

This will check that your Ruby version is supported, install the Bundler gem if it is not yet installed, install all the gems needed by the template, and launch a running instance on http://localhost:4000/guide/. (Make sure to include the /! The built-in Jekyll webserver doesn't redirect to it.) That page contains further instructions on how to adapt the template to a new guide repository.

After going through these steps, run ./go to see a list of available commands. The serve command is the most common for routine development.

Public domain

This project is in the worldwide public domain. As stated in CONTRIBUTING:

This project is in the public domain within the United States, and copyright and related rights in the work worldwide are waived through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.

All contributions to this project will be released under the CC0 dedication. By submitting a pull request, you are agreeing to comply with this waiver of copyright interest.


A handbook for those wishing to recruit a self-organizing volunteer group to address organizational needs



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