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A simple way to think (HTML5 blog engine).
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Ladies and Gentlemen…

WIND: A simple way to think

Wind is a blog engine. And it’s simple, realy simple.

HTML5 is pretty, and Wind was developed with it. Ready for the future! Until 2012, at least.

Why simple? Because you don’t need a extravaganza just to write. Or do you think that Bible was written with a powerfull word processor? Powerfull inspiration, ok, but with simple tools.

Maybe you want to view a example:

1 – Features

Few features, but the engine is in constant development. Nevertheless, Wind dont want a lot of stuffs and tools, it’s made to be simple.

The basic features are:

  • Semantic HTML5. This is a important feature to internet future.
  • Feed RSS. Basic in a blog.
  • HTML widgets. To create menus, texts, twitter widget, flicker or what you has in your mind.
  • Textile text formatting. To do a easy, beauty and semantic text formatting.
  • Database-agnostic-independent-cool. You can use your prefered database.
  • We forgot a important feature? Suggest!

New features, future features and suggest features:

2 – How it works?

Download the source code and install the required gems (to sqlite database):

sudo gem install sinatra sqlite3-ruby sequel RedCloth builder

Ok, now is just run the server:

ruby app.rb

Open your favorite browser, access:


Ok… login (link on footer), think and write!
The default admin code is “admin”. D’oh!

3 – Config & Settings

All (few) configurations can be made in config.rb file.
Blog settings (name, code…) could be edited in settings page.

4 – Themes

Build a theme to wind is very easy. Just put a style.css file and your resources (images, fonts…) on public/custom directory.

Some simple themes are available in wind-themes repository.

Submit your theme!

5 – Plugins

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