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CryptoGraffiti Client

A browser-based client for the CryptoGraffiti service which allows the encoding and decoding of human-readable messages respectively to and from the Bitcoin's block chain.

This service operates solely on the block chain of the Original Bitcoin which is also known as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). For that reason, all references to Bitcoin are equivalent to Bitcoin SV.

HASHTAG API can be customly configured with the help of a hashtag. For example, you can programmatically fill the text to be saved on the block chain so that when the user loads in their browser they are automatically sent to the payment form. What is more, you can embed your own Bitcoin receiving address in the message so that a part of the payment is sent to you. Below is a list of examples for the hashtag API.


    The above link would redirect the user to a payment form for saving a message M under the category CT on the Bitcoin's block chain. Also, 1 bitcoin will be sent to 1MVpQJA7FtcDrwKC6zATkZvZcxqma4JixS. The category specifier is optional and can be omitted.


    The above link will open the CryptoGraffiti's interface in a way that only messages under the wedding category will be decoded and displayed in the read tab. Category can be any word or even a Bitcoin address. In case of an address only the messages including it will be shown to the user. For example, decodes only such block chain messages that contain a donation to Ross Ulbricht.


    The mimetype hashtag parameter will make sure that only those graffiti are displayed under the read tab which are known to contain a block chain file of the specified type. In the example case, only image files will be decoded. This parameter can be combined with other parameters but it only affects the contents displayed under the read tab.

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