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1PPM Hall of Fame

Add your projects to the end of this List!

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  • If you would like to be mentionend on twitter, e.g. when project of the day (#POD), add your handle in brackets next to your name/nickname, for example "ggerhard (@gerji)"
  • Make sure you checked out/merged the latest version of this page
  • Please add a state column:
    • Planning = Not started coding yet
    • Started = Coding
    • Released = Project is released
    • Continued = Someone will continue working on this project
    • Cancelled (?) - No result at all. Would be interesting to hear what happened though.

sAbakumoff (@sAbakumoff)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 sociting Catalog of references to StackOverflow questions found in GitHub sources Released


Month Project Description
1/2017 local-link A local LAN site for simple sharing of links, text, images, etc.


Month Project Description State
11/2016 parsecal A ruby script to parse an iCal calendar and create a spreadsheet report Released
12/2016 node-pdf-service RESTful PDF creation Service with NodeJS / Express / PhantomJS / Docker Released
01/2017 Website + HallOfFame View Released
02/2017 Dynamic 1ppm website, Social Login Planning
03/2017 Rocket Launch Consolidate and Review Links and Tweets for an MVP Database Planning


Month Project Description
11/2016 Physics engine Physics engine, along with a short tutorial on constraints (runs in browser)
12/2016 Neural network Neural network classifier, includes tutorial on backpropagation (runs in browser)


Month Project Description
01/2017 Simple Documentation A minimal documentation/walkthrough app to create documentation for both desktop and mobile


Month Project Description
01/2017 linenum A curator for tech and maker articles


Month Project Description
01/2017 MemeDensity A python script to fetch and tell the number of memes in your facebook newsfeed
12/2016 MusicRepair A python script to add album art and metadata to all music files


Month Project Description
01/2017 ZooCli a small Desptop Cookie-Clicker :-)


Month Project Description
01/2017 Go Feed Forward A simple feed forward network in Go


Month Project Description
01/2017 Earthquator Telegram bot and channel that publishes earthquake news from USGS data feed into Telegram


Month Project Description
05/2016 focusTV Bing-watch easily with Python and OPENCV
09/2016 TryingToKnowYouBetter Easy people tracking (for most of the India)


Month Project Description
1/2017 LaraMon A server monitor with history built in Laravel


Month Project Description
12/2016 FAQView An easy to use FAQ view for iOS written in Swift


Month Project Description
01/2017 AwsHomeNetworkToolkit [In progress] Get notifications when your home network is down and keep dynamic DNS up to date all with AWS


Month Project Description
01/2017 PHP Cowsay Cowsay written in PHP


Month Project Description
10/2016 python-boilerpipe Python 3 support for python-boilerpipe
11/2016 word_forms Accurately generate all possible forms of an English word e.g "election" --> "elect", "electoral", "electorate" etc.
12/2016 djangohero The fastest way to set up a Django project on the cloud (using Heroku)


Month Project Description
01/2017 Audition Platform to train your ear for music


Month Project Description
1/2017 architect Tiled Content


Month Project Description
01/2017 Retro pi Start learning raspberry pi by creating a retro pi console for my kids


Month Project Description State
01/2017 HN point inflation blogpost BigQuery analysis of Hackernews Completed
02/2017 dataknife A command line tool that can convert tabular data from parquet Completed



Month Project Description
01/2017 GA Fire Weather An Alexa skill for looking up the current and forecasted NFDRS danger class for a region inside Georgia, USA. Data is retreived from No special hardware or permissions are needed.


Month Project Description
01/2017 DTRR This is a Android project example to showcase integration of Dependency Injection (Dagger 2) ,Retrofit ,Unit Testing (Junit), RxJava (ReactiveX
02/2017 GO-urltools Some functions to parse and normalize URLs in GOLang.


Month Project Description State
12/2016 cybernotes A online note taking platform Released
1/2017 MusicList A simple list app for your music Released
2/2017 Vesna An opensource online forum for ideas Released


Month Project Description Status
2017/01 ViewMe View any type of file on OS X (Starting with pictures). Planning


Month Project Description Status
2017/01 VoiceNotes React Native App for taking notes using your voice Planning


Month Project Description
01/2017 Intranet App A Django app for work


Month Project Description Status
2017/01 Budgt Offline budget tracker with online sync capability Released
2017/02 Lecture Learn to read app for children. In French Released
2017/03 Budgt A native app for Budgt ( Coding


Month Project Description Status
2016/12 Life of Levi podcast Podcast audio version of my blog. Released
2016/12 Curiosity IO website Website for freelance mobile app dev. Released
2016/12 Personal website. Released


Month Project Description Status
2017/01 Vulkan graphics engine A graphics engine that runs on Vulkan API Planning


Month Project Description Status
2016/11 Redesigned Personal site Released
2016/12 Next Up Trello Chrome Extension to view due Trello tickets Released
2017/01 EasyInvoice Front End for invoice generator Planning


Month Project Description Status
2016/12 Angular Star Rating Component Star rating component written in angular Done


Month Project Description Status
2017/01 blogging platform with bible search wizzard In progress
2017/02 gps map travel blog travel blog with gps and map Planning


Month Project Description Status
2016/11 Faceclash Faceclash is a fully revamped version of Mark Zuckerberg's Facemash, with its own special sauce. Released
2016/12 Oca A URL shortener that has a clean design, and is easy to use. Finally. Released


Month Project Description Status
12/2016 Personal blog Released
01/2017 Doople A crowdspeaking platform for supporting NGOs campaigns. Spread massively and get awareness of your social campaigns through the help of your supporters Started
02/2016 N/A Learn Java and Apache Camel Started
02/2016 N/A Write a scientific paper Started

Gautam Krishna R

Month Project Description Status
1/2017 Naughtychecker.js NodeJS module to check Naughty Strings, it is a set of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data. Released
12/2016 Nothing Private This project is a proof of concept that anyone can identify and track you, even if you are using Private Browsing or Icognito Mode in your web browser. Released
11/2016 ASTRA A fully integrated workflow management system for government offices with built in queuing and complaint registration system Released
10/2016 Joker Random jokes from the best sources Started
9/2016 Openshift quickstart One click quickstart to make your website online in Redhat's openshift cloud without typing a single command Released
8/2016 TcSO Try Catch Stack overflow (TcSo) Is a collection of Try statements in all the programming languages under the globe which catches the exception and searches for the cause of the caught exception in the stack overflow automatically. Released
7/2016 Be like Bill Be Like Bill meme generator and API created with PHP, Using this API you can include customized version of "Be like Bill" meme on your website. Released
7/2016 SoCLI Stack overflow command line client. Search and browse stack overflow without leaving the terminal Released
5/2016 Profanity finder js Simple profanity finding library for javascript to detect swear language.Created for nodejs. Released


Month Project Description Status
01/2017 ScheduleText A whimsical tool for scheduling SMS reminders. In progress
02/2017 FormCandy A curated collection of tools to design better forms. In progress


Month Project Description Status
01/2017 8Chip A CHIP-8 emulator. Started
02/2017 Personal website A prototype of my personal website. Planning


Month Project Description Status
01/2017 Making a Theme For GNU/Linux A little book on how to make a theme for GNU/Linux system using gtk-3.0. In progress


Month Project Description State
11/2015 star.js A node library to automatically correct typos in messages based on the next message you send*. Continued


Month Project Description State
12/2016 Live List, Repo Create and share list with friends. See live updates between shared lists. Using React + Firebase. Released (WIP)


Month Project Description State
1/2017 Repo Keep track of working, billable, and non-billable time in browser using Harvest Started previously, WIP


Month Project Description State
1/2017 TopShots Top shots for any Dribbble user for 2016. Inspired by best of 9 for instagram Released
1/2017 500products A forever changing list of the Top 500 Products on Product Hunt Released
1/2017 TopLists A Leaderboard for Twitter Lists Released


Month Project Description State
01/2017 Simple Ruby Game A simple ruby game to sharpen my ruby skills Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 A tool to check dependencies for security vulnerabilities Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 1ppmHallOfFameParse 1ppm HallOfFame MD to JSON parser! Started


Month Project Description State
01/2017 PhotoCluster App to filter photos by creating clusters (iOS) Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 recipe-scraper An HTML parser that looks for recipes using ScalaJS (proof of concept) Released
02/2017 sbt-release Adding branch switiching capabilities to sbt-release In Review


Month Project Description State
01/2017 pi-arcade-system Raspberry Pi NES Emulator with 2 Arduino USB controllers Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 Retrofit mame cab to retropie replace old arcade cab with x-arcade and pi3 Complete
02/2017 Write a mobile game created a mobile game to release on android store In Progress
03/2017 Start dash side project a side project for data viz Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 recipe-scraper An HTML parser that looks for recipes using ScalaJS Planning


Month Project Description Status
01/2017 ReactNativeEverywhere Starter kit to target multiple platforms 🌐 📱 💻 with react-native' APIs. Released
01/2017 umbrella-scheduler Personal Scheduling and todo list tool. Planning

hashhar (@hashhar)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 gitattributes extension for VSCode Pull .gitattributes from GitHub and merge them into your local .gitattributes file Released
01/2017 stackoverflow shell A .NET Core console app to use from a terminal. Will be unit testable and well designed. Started
02/2017 Windows-Hacks A collection of scripts, knowledge base articles, registry scripts, scheduled tasks to pimp out a windows installation. Started
02/2017 linux-deployment-toolbox A loose framework of portable shell scripts to help provision a Linux system - installing packages, applying settings, installing software from source and a lot of other stuff. Basically a one-click system-restore for Linux. Started


Month Project Description State
01/2017 rails-request-color Easily distiguish between requests to your rails app with alternating colors Planning


Month Project Description State
11/2016 Personal tech blog Released
12/2016 LoudHailer A mnmlst voice recognition app based on Akka Streams, (aka NLP as service) and Firebase for messaging. Released
01/2017 dailyprogrammer Solved challenges from Continued
01/2017 pure-spider A remote-controlled ESP8266-based Hexapod programmed in Purescript Started

stuartpb (@stuartpb)

Month Project Description State
2017-01 Rainpower A personal watchface for my Pebble Time watch showing time, date, watch and phone battery levels, temperature, and precipitation forecast Released


Month Project Description State
01/2017 1PPM Ionic App Started


Month Project Description State
01/2017 Mic and Cam Monitor Gives you alerts when your Web-cam and/or Microphone is being used Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 Presentation Timer Countdown timer for conference presentations Released
02/2017 Failed this month. Just been too busy at work.

roryok (@roryok)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 Unit Converter PWA A progressive web app (offline enabled) for converting between SI/metric units Released
02/2017 CalendarJenny A node.js app to read event dates from both local (yaml, json) and remote sources and compile a printable calendar Completed
03/2017 ASCII Header A Visual Studio Code extension to create ASCII headers in your source In Progress

JoshHrach (@JoshHrach)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 Provincial Provincial is a small Swift library to quickly get a list of states or provinces from various countries. Started

robhowell (@playrob)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 simple-commit-emoji A simple set of emoji to improve readability of source control commit messages Completed
02/2017 component-toolkit A toolkit to help build, test and develop UI components Started
03/2017 A simple, pragmatic set of tools and techniques for developing web applications in 2017. Planning
04/2017 shelved JavaScript functions for getting stuff done Planning
05/2017 rummage Remote search and file downloading for geeks Planning


Month Project Description State
01/2017 TL;DR for MixMax Link summarizer enhancement for MixMax Released

karan10 (@iamkarandev)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 Directory Synchronizer A simple Project to synchronize all folders/files between two folders on different systems Released
02/2017 Top 10 Algorithms Repository containing Top 10 asked in interview questions solution by topics Started
02/2017 GaanaCLI Play youtube song in browser directly from terminal. Released

SaifMulla (@saifthe1)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 Simple Blog A simple multipurpose blog using python Flask framework to move current blog from GitHub pages and also to learn python development Started

rosswd (@macabhaird)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 pushcap Push notifications for internet data usage on the Huawei B593s-22 Router Released

rcdexta (@rcdexta)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 react-trello Pluggable components to add a trello like kanban board to your application Released
02/2017 chappie Chappie is a slackbot for remote workplaces Released
03/2017 scrabble-app A scrabble board built using react and aws lambda Released

msadowski (@msadowski90)

Month Project Description Status
01/2017 Haptic control of UAV Project to control a UAV remotely using Novint Falcon Haptic controller Released
02/2017 Haptic control of UAV - pt2 ROS nodes to control a Px4 based UAV using haptic device Released

nkantar (@nkantar)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 Autohook A very, very small Git hook "framework". Essentially a shell script meant to be symlinked to that looks for appropriately named scripts to run. Released
02/2017 Send cute otter pictures with puns to someone you love. Released
03/2017 Parsenvy Tiny utility for environment variable parsing in Python with type support. Released

milanchheda (@milanchheda)

Month Project Description State
01/2017 FPL Analysis FPL Analysis for Fantasy Premier League Managers. Shows different types of stats and charts for FPL managers and their teams. Released


Month Project Description State
01/2017 URL Shortener A url shortener service that shortens lengthy urls into short and manageable form. Released
02/2017 Weather Web-App A JavaScript weather app that uses Yahoo! weather API to display current weather based on your location. Released


Month Project Description State
03/2017 CYOA Engine A Vue.js App that let's you create CYOA Stories Planning

karansapolia (@lzy_i]

Month Project Description State
04/2017 Phaser framework HTML5 game An HTML5 game built following the Mozilla DevHacks Game Dev Guide using Phaser Framework Released
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