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Examples and solutions for 23 Video and Visualplatform
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Developer Examples for 23 Video and Visualplatform

Visualplatform is the core development platform for products such as 23 Video and Visualblog from 23. As described in the developer documentation 23's products have been designed explicitly to allow developers to expand, extend and mashup the featureset and the dataset.

The examples listed in this project are meant to illustrate key features in the platform such as how to utitlize the platform APIs or how to integrate data and features with 3rd-party sites.


Each folder contains a specific code and usage example, and in each folder you'll find further information on the exact purpose of the example:

  • Video Carousel: Import data from a 23 Video site and use it to display a scrollable list of thumbnails.
  • API Wrapper: Command-line implementations of the XML API in different programming languages (such as Tcl and PHP).
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