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MQTT library for Processing based on the Eclipse Paho project

This library bundles the Java Client library of the Eclipse Paho project and adds a thin wrapper to get a Processing like API.

Download the latest version of the library.

Or even better use the Library Manager in the Processing IDE.


This example sketch connects to and sends a message on every keystroke. After starting the sketch you can find the client here:

import mqtt.*;

MQTTClient client;

void setup() {
  client = new MQTTClient(this);
  client.connect("mqtt://", "processing");

void draw() {}

void keyPressed() {
  client.publish("/hello", "world");

void clientConnected() {
  println("client connected");


void messageReceived(String topic, byte[] payload) {
  println("new message: " + topic + " - " + new String(payload));

void connectionLost() {
  println("connection lost");


Instantiate a new client by supplying the parent applet:

MQTTClient client = new MQTTClient(PApplet parent);
  • The constructor expects the following method to be declared on the parent applet: void messageReceived(String topic, byte[] payload). That callback will then be invoked in the future with incoming messages.
  • Additionally, the following callbacks will be detected: void clientConnected() and void connectionLost() and executed appropriately.

Alternatively you can provide your own Listener class instead of relying on global methods:

MQTTClient client = new MQTTClient(PApplet parent, Listener listener);

Set the will message that gets transmitted to the server in all subsequent connect commands:

void client.setWill(String topic, String payload);
void client.setWill(String topic, String payload, int qos, boolean retained);
  • The QoS level and retained flag default to 0 and false respectively.

Connect to the supplied broker by parsing the URL and setting the optionally supplied client id and clean session flag:

void client.connect(String brokerURI);
void client.connect(String brokerURI, String clientId);
void client.connect(String brokerURI, String clientId, boolean cleanSession);
  • A client id will be generated if needed and the clean session flag defaults to true.

Publish a message to the broker using the supplied topic and the optional payload in form of a String or byte-array. If available it will set the QoS level as well as the retained flag appropriately.

void client.publish(String topic);
void client.publish(String topic, String payload);
void client.publish(String topic, String payload, int qos, boolean retained);
void client.publish(String topic, byte[] payload);
void client.publish(String topic, byte[] payload, int qos, boolean retained);
  • The QoS level and the retained flag default to 0 and false respectively.

Subscribe to the supplied topic using the optionally provided QoS level that defaults to 0:

void client.subscribe(String topic);
void client.subscribe(String topic, int qos);

Unsubscribe from the supplied topic:

void client.unsubscribe(String topic);

Disconnect from the broker:

void client.disconnect();


  • If you're running the sketch via the Android Mode you need to set the INTERNET permission in Android > Sketch Permissions.


MQTT library for Processing based on the Eclipse Paho project



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