Scripts from the 2600hz Community to help manage, enhance and debug the KAZOO platform
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Public Scripts from the 2600hz Community


A collection of scripts to help manage Bigcouch.


A collection of scripts to extract infromation out of the FreeSWITCH logs.


Script to listen for incoming CDRs from the RabbitMQ server, store the CDR in a sqlite database, and send radius account start and stop packets for billing


Bash completion scripts for the sup utility! Tab completion for sup module names and function names, including argument count (which you should backspace when using)


Want to set up some beautiful Kazoo dashboards? Look no further! This will set up InfluxDB, Grafana, Graphite-API, and everything around it thats necessary.


Puppet scripts for deploying Kazoo (requires an update, only valid for single server currently)

Note: These have not been maintained and likely need updating to properly deploy kazoo with the recent changes to configuration.


Kazoo install tool that can be used to set up an all-in-one server or assist with cluster deployment.


Erlang tool to copy all databases from one Bigcouch cluster to another, with options for CDRs and voicemails


This is a collection of SIPp templates and scripts.


Kazoo Log Analysis Program is a collection of scripts that can determine a lot of information based on a Kazoo platform log.


Access Kazoo's management tools from one site: CouchDB's Fauxton, RabbitMQ's management plugin and HAProxy's status page.


An exmample Pivot script created on Nov 7, 2013 by frifri


An example client for the Kazoo websocket application "blackhole" created Mar 20, 2014 by tickbw


A Sample PHP App for Kazoo ;) It is written using the first version of the kazoo-php-sdk on Dec 10, 2013 by tickbw