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Start a shell on the local machine, has cookie enabled. Can connect to any host via JCL.
Ctrl-G from a shell to open JCL
--> r 'node@hostname'
--> c
Do something on the node
%% To safely exit the node without stopping it:
Ctrl-G to open the JCL
--> j
% find the local node you opened
--> c #
local@hostname $> q().
Each application also has a to facilitate connecting to the node on the local host. Usage is slightly different for exiting the node safely:
ecallmgr@hostname $> ^G % Ctrl-G
--> j
1* {ecallmgr@hostname, shell, start, []}
--> s
--> j
1 {ecallmgr@hostname, shell, start, []}
2* {ecallmgr_conn@hostname, shell, start, []}
--> c
If the asterisk is not next to #2, c 2 will get you there explicitly.
'ecallmgr@HOSTNAME' -
Things to do:
Set (or change) the AMQP host:
ecallmgr_fs_handler:set_amqp_host("hostname"). % can also use net_adm:localhost() if the callmgr is on the same server as rabbit
Add a FreeSWITCH node:
ecallmgr_fs_handler:add_fs_node('freeswitch@hostname'). % must be single quoted
Rm a FreeSWITCH node:
Things to do:
Set (or change) the AMQP host:
Set (or change) the Couch host:
Refresh the Rates information:
Refresh the Carrier data:
Diagnostics server:
$WHISTLE/diagnostics/ - start up the Erlang shell
Things to do:
Add a callmgr node:
diagnostics_server:add_node('ecallmgr@HOSTNAME'). % note single-quotes
Rm a callmgr node:
View all nodes:
View specific node:
Reading the output:
For auth:
A success is when an auth XML chunk is sent to FreeSWITCH
A timeout is when it takes to long to get a response from Trunkstore
A failure is every other reason why a good auth response wasn't generated (if a device has the wrong password, still considered a success since we had creds to return).
For routing:
A success is when a successful set of bridge commands (or a park) is sent to FreeSWITCH (doesn't care if the call is actually bridged).
A timeout, again, is if trunkstore is too slow.
A failure is every other reason a good route response XML wasn't sent to FreeSWITCH
Active lookups are how many lookups are currently being processed. As they typically take < 20ms, you won't see much here.
There is also an uptime column to see how long the particular handler has been up on FreeSWITCH node.
You will also see a handler that has gone down. Currently one must rm the entire FS node and add it again, but a handler restart is in the works.
From the fs_cli:
erlang listeners
- will list the nodes of callmgrs connected to the node
load/reload/unload mod_erlang_event
- loads/reloads/unloads the module
Conf file is $FS/conf/autoload_configs/erlang_event.conf.xml
Erlang cookie file is $FS/conf/autoload_configs/.erlang.cookie
- Permissions must be 600
- Owner must match user used to start FreeSWITCH (typically the freeswitch user)
- Start freeswitch as with root@freeswitch#> sudo -u freeswitch $FS/bin/freeswitch -nonat -nc -hp
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