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binary serialize/deserialize & jsonize methods for your object.
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binary serialize/deserialize & generate jsonized stream.


  • jsonize is W.I.P. now. (in other words, imperfect.)
  • I check only Xcode6.3.x / Clang.
  • if
try {
} catch (const SomeError &error) {;
  • please! m(_ _)m

How to use?

See example.

Update history

2015/05/08 ver 0.02 release

  • add ofxSerializer::Archiver

2015/05/01 ver 0.01 release


MIT License.


  • ISHII 2bit [bufferRenaiss co., ltd.]
  • ishii[at]

At the last

Please create new issue, if there is a problem. And please throw pull request, if you have a cool idea!!

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