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Overview session and tests specific info for vmmaster

Stack of technologies:

Backend part:

Frontend part:

Install dependencies

Dependencies for backend part

pip install -r requirements.txt

Dependencies for frontend part

npm install

Build js bundle for frontend part:

Build static js-bundles (most required)

npm run build

Build static js-bundles without minification and obfuscation

npm run dev:build

Real-time watch for js-files

npm run dev:watch

Configure nginx

cp vmmaster-frontend.conf.template vmmaster-frontend.conf
  • edit vmmaster-frontend.conf
# the upstream component nginx needs to connect to
upstream django {
    server unix:///path/to/vmmaster-frontend/vmmaster-frontend.sock; # for a file socket
sudo ln -s /path/to/vmmaster-frontend.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
sudo service nginx restart

Configure uwsgi

cp vmmaster-frontend.ini.template vmmaster-frontend.ini
  • edit vmmaster-frontend.ini
# the base directory (full path)
chdir           = /path/to/vmmaster-frontend
# create a directory for the vassals
sudo mkdir /etc/uwsgi
sudo mkdir /etc/uwsgi/vassals
sudo mkdir /var/log/uwsgi
# symlink from the default config directory to your config file
sudo ln -s /path/to/vmmaster-frontend.ini /etc/uwsgi/vassals/
# run the emperor
uwsgi --emperor /etc/uwsgi/vassals --uid vmmaster --gid vmmaster
# create upstart service
sudo cp /path/to/vmmaster-frontend/vmmaster-frontend.conf.init.template /etc/init/vmmaster-frontend.conf
# create upstart watch server for real-time update data on pages
sudo cp /path/to/vmmaster-frontend/watchserver.conf.init.template /etc/init/watchserver.conf
# run service
sudo service vmmaster-frontend start


cd /path/to/vmmaster-frontend/vmmaster_frontend
  • edit
# SECURITY WARNING: keep the secret key used in production secret!
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