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2Miners Bounty

Are you a blogger, popular website owner or a public person? Do you want to promote 2Miners at your resources? Are you ready to write a post, shoot a video or sing a song? Please feel free to make an issue below describing what you could do and what reward are you looking for. We will check your offer asap and let you know if we accept it.


Any member of the community can create a proposal. A community member can propose any activity that contributes to the improvement of the 2Miners' projects. The proposal creator can himself implement this proposal and receive a payment for it, or leave the proposal open so that other community members can work on it and receive a reward.

Submitting a proposal

Follow these steps to submit a proposal:

  1. Register a Github account.

  2. Go to 2Miners proposals/issues.

  3. Click a New Issue button.

  4. Describe your proposal: proposal overview, detailed description and funding goal.

Thats it. Then the proposal will be reviewed. After that, it will be accepted, declined or discussed further. Once a proposal received an accepted status, this means that proposal creator or community members can start working on the proposal. As the requirements for the implementation of the proposal will be met, those who fulfilled them will receive the payment specified in the proposal.