the 2sxc default content app with templates supporting multiple css using Koi
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_Content - Image text 1-2.cshtml
_Content - Image text 1-2.png
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_Content - Image text.png
_Content - Text Only.cshtml
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_Content - Text image 2-1.png
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_Content - Text only emphasized.png
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_Image - Wide Banner.cshtml
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_Link - Large emphasized link.cshtml
_Link - Large emphasized link.png
_Link - List of icon-links.cshtml
_Link - List of icon-links.png
_Link - List of links max 3.cshtml
_Link - List of links max 3.png
_Link - List of links showing image max 3.cshtml
_Link - List of links showing image max 3.png
_Location - Address with Map 50-50.cshtml
_Location - Address with Map 50-50.png
_Location - Full Size Map.cshtml
_Location - Full Size Map.png
_Person - Contact No Image.cshtml
_Person - Contact no Image.png
_Person - Contact rounded.cshtml
_Person - Contact rounded.png
_Person - Contact.cshtml
_Person - Contact.png
_Shared - Assets.cshtml
_Shared - Koi Admin Messages.cshtml
_Shared - TryToEncryptMail.cshtml
_Shared - header tag.cshtml
_Shared - image and optional Lightbox.cshtml
_Video - Full Width.cshtml
_Video - Full Width.png

2sxc: Content Types and Templates for many CSS Frameworks

The default Content types and templates for DNN (DotNetNuke) using 2sxc for the following CSS frameworks:

  1. Bootstrap 3.3
  2. Bootstrap 4.0
  3. other frameworks - please contribute

The Multi-CSS-Framework implementation uses Connect.Koi. Here some thumbnails of the result:

You can read more about the included content-types and templates in this blog-post


Each DNN portal using 2sxc has a section called Content which contains the main content-types and main templates. This could be initialized manually, but in most cases it's more efficient to install a set of best-practice content-types and templates. To ensure this stuff looks good, these content-types and templates should be optimized to the CSS-framework in use.

This package Content-Bootstrap3 is the default configuration package which 2sxc offers for Bootstrap installations.


  1. Almost everything you want to know is in the wiki
  2. Installation: Whenever you install 2sxc on a DNN portal, or when you create a new portal on a DNN with 2sxc installed, 2sxc will automatically ask you to install this. If you need to know more, read about installations in the wiki.
  3. Skin/Theme Optimizations: We have some recommendations, if you care about this, read about the optimizations in the wiki
  4. Customize to your colors and CSS: check out the instructions in the wiki

Questions and Support

  1. We from 2sxc use StackOverflow with the tag 2sxc for support. Post your questions there.
  2. Real issues can be posted in issues