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2sxc - The CMS / CMF of DNN (DotNetNuke)

2sxc is a CMS-Plugin for DNN/DotNetNuke. It makes content editing easier than Wordpress.

It's also a CMF like Drupal. And a very cool EAV data-management system. And an online REST JSON database. And a lot more.

2sxc Documentation Overview

2sxc is very flexible and can be used for almost any kind of content-management needs or app development needs. Because of this, different documentations help you work with different things. Here's the overview:

  1. 2sxc.org
  2. Getting started tutorials are found in the Learn section of 2sxc.org
    includes installation, basic instructions, creating your first content-type and similar tutorials &
    it also include instructions how to export/import data, working with the image resizer and more.
  3. A list of features, concepts and examples can be found in the Docs section of 2sxc.org, including things not specifically code related
  4. Many solutions and recommendations are found in the Blog on 2sxc.org
  5. Many demo, template and tutorial Apps are found in the App Catalog on 2sxc.org
  6. 2sxc / EAV Roadmap
  7. APIs and similar are found in this wiki - you'll see the TOC in the box to the right
  8. App folder structure and special files
  9. Style Guide (beta) best-practices draft


Features to document in wiki...

These topics are already documented elsewhere, but should become part of the wiki

  1. View-switching based on url-params
  2. Security protecting views like admin-views
  3. creating custom DataSource objects
More things to document

These topics are not or insufficiently documented...

  1. URL and REST API for retrieving / changing data (todo)
  2. ADAM - the Automatic Digital Asset Manager (todo) and AsAdam(...)
  3. Enhancing 2sxc with custom extensions
    1. Custom input field-types
    2. Custom data-types
    3. Custom templating engines
    4. Custom JS connectors to other libraries
    5. ...
  4. Future topics, lower priority
    1. Angular2-5 and 2sxc (todo)
    2. React and 2sxc (todo)
    3. Knockout and 2sxc (todo)
    4. jQuery with 2sxc (todo)
  5. etc.
Documentation Overview

This is where you can find things like...

Concepts / Features

Basic Concepts / Features
Advanced Concepts / Features
Developer Concepts / Features
For Contributors

API References

C# API in Razor
C# API in WebAPI
Field Data Types
Field Input Types
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