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Harvest helps you understand what's inside your Redis
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harvest helps you understand what's inside your Redis. It samples Redis keys and shows top key prefixes.

The tool is designed to be simple and efficient. It does not require Redis DEBUG OBJECT command to be available. Which is good if you're using AWS ElastiCache.

harvest should work with any version of Redis. Although, it's tested only with the latest stable version.


Here is an example of how to use harvest and understand its output. Assuming Redis hostname is redis and it listens on a standard port 6379.

$ harvest redis://redis
warning: database size (12) is less than the number of samples (1000)

_kombu.binding.: 33.98% (648)
unacked: 9.49% (181)
_kombu.binding.celery: 9.18% (175)
_kombu.binding.reply.celery.pidbox: 6.45% (123)
test: 5.98% (114)
_kombu.binding.schedule: 5.35% (102)
_kombu.binding.blocks: 5.19% (99)
_kombu.binding.default: 4.82% (92)
_kombu.binding.celery.pidbox: 4.72% (90)
_kombu.binding.celeryev: 4.46% (85)

The first line of the output warns us that the number of samples is greater than the database size. Which basically means that each key will be sampled multiple times. In future releases SCAN will be used instead of RANDOMKEY in that case.

The second line tells that from 1000 randomly sampled keys 648 start from _kombu.binding. and it's 33.98% of all samples. The rest of the lines follow same pattern.


You can use 31z4/harvest Docker image to run the tool. Assuming Redis container name is redis and it listens on a standard port 6379.

$ docker run --link redis:redis -it --rm 31z4/harvest redis://redis


Feedback is greatly appreciated. At this stage, the maintainers are most interested in feedback centered on the user experience (UX) of the tool. Do you have cases that the tool supports well, or doesn't support at all? Do any of the commands have surprising effects, output, or results?


Contributions are greatly appreciated. The maintainers actively manage the issues list, and try to highlight issues suitable for newcomers. The project follows the typical GitHub pull request model. See for more details. Before starting any work, please either comment on an existing issue, or file a new one.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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