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To check export

Our modern tool provides an automatic checking to avoid some errors like this:

You can control this in Wizard or via $(DllExportPeCheck) property:

PE Check IL code

  • PE Check 1:1 0x01 bit - Will check count of all planned exports from final PE32/PE32+ module.
  • PE Check IL code 0x02 bit - Will check existence of all planned exports (IL code) in actual PE32/PE32+ module.

This ensures that you get exactly what you are planning in your code!

List of exported

If you need access to final list of exported functions, try this:

DllExport Manager:

-pe-exp-list {module} - To list all available exports from PE32/PE32+ module.


DllExport -pe-exp-list bin\Debug\regXwild.dll


To get each function via batch scripts, try to use something like this:

@echo off

for /f "usebackq delims= " %%a in (`DllExport -pe-exp-list bin\Debug\UnLib.dll`) do (
    echo "%%a"
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