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Tutorial for 3Chat: A simple discussion app built with 3Box Threads
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3Chat: A discussion app built with 3Box threads

This is a demo application created for a workshop at dappcon 2019. If you follow along you will learn how to build a dapp with 3Box threads.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Running the application

In the project directory, you can run:

npm start

Runs the app in the development mode.
Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

The page will reload if you make edits.
You will also see any lint errors in the console.

Workshop steps

This app contains logic for a threaded conversation app. The only thing that is missing is implementing the 3Box functionality. Below the steps needed in order to make the app fully functional are described. During the workshop is your friend!

Step 1: Basic get profile of current user

Open the file src/App.jsx import 3Box and call getProfile in the correct locations.

import Box from '3box'

const myProfile = await Box.getProfile(myAddress);

Step 2: Authenticate user

In the handleLogin function we can no add the code needed to authenticate the user to the 3chat space.

box = await Box.openBox(myAddress, window.ethereum, {})

await new Promise((resolve, reject) => box.onSyncDone(resolve))

const chatSpace = await box.openSpace('3chat');
const myDid = chatSpace.DID;

Step 3: Display posts in topic

When a user clicks on a topic name in the left side of the panel we want to display the posts of that topic. Open the src/ui/views/Chat.jsx file and add the following at the appropriate location in the handleViewTopic function.

const thread = await chatSpace.joinThread(topic, { firstModerator: owner, members });

thread.onUpdate(() => this.updateThreadPosts());
thread.onNewCapabilities(() => this.updateThreadCapabilities());

To actually display the posts we need to edit the updateThreadPosts function with a call to getPosts.

const posts = await activeTopic.getPosts();

Step 4: Display members and moderators

To display the moderators and members of a topic we need to modify the updateThreadCapabilities function by adding the two following calls:

const members = await activeTopic.listMembers();

const moderators = await activeTopic.listModerators();

Note that the members call has to be surronded with a try/catch

Step 5: Get profile of authors, moderators, and members

Repeat Step 1 but in the src/ui/components/ProfilePicture.jsx file. Use this.props.did instead of myAddress in the getProfile call.

Next we add profile hovers to the members list, first import the library.

import ProfileHover from 'profile-hover';

Now we just wrap the profileTile with the following tag:

<ProfileHover noTheme address={ethAddr} orientation="left">

Step 6: Add members and mods

To add the ability to add new moderators and members open the src/ui/views/AppModals.jsx file.

In the handleAddThreadMember function add the following call.

await activeTopic.addMember(threadMember);

In the handleAddThreadMod function add the following call.

await activeTopic.addModerator(threadMod);

Step 7: Make posts

To add the ability to make posts open the src/ui/components/Dialogue.jsx file.

In the postThread function add the following call.

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