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This project was created by @3dgiordano to publicize the Covid-19 vaccination information carried out in Uruguay.

It was born as a collaboration to provide updated data to Our World in Data

Thanks to Edouard Mathieu @edomt Head of Data at @owid for trusting in this project.

Data gathered from Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay.

Data on deaths is obtained from the "Grupo Uruguayo Interdisciplinario de Análisis de Datos (GUIAD)" GUIAD-COVID Data on GitHub

Our World in Data takes our data to publish it on its portal Uruguay Covid-19 Vaccinations in Our World in Data

Today, the project also collects more data, such as detailed daily vaccination data for each region, as well as the expected daily agenda.

All data is public, you can access the raw data and create your own reports if you want /data/

The data generated is licensed under CC BY 4.0 and the Source Code under MIT

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Google Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Website (Dashboard, Data and Project info)