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A simple command for converting and processing data from your clipboard.


Unix-based Install Script

Please inspect the file first by viewing the raw file from the URL in the command below before piping it to /bin/bash.

The install script needs sudo for copying the script into /usr/bin and setting it to be executable.

sudo /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

(requires sudo permission, also will prompt to install Python packages):

Windows Support [FUTURE]

This script is not designed to support Windows at this time.

Feel free to make a PR to add support and install instructions!


This script will expect you to have the text it will manipulate in your clipboard. When you run a command, it will do its job, and if it is successful, it will put the modified text back into your clipboard, as well as send it to stdout.

You can generally convert data with the following format:

poly <from_format> <to_format>[ options]

Any other generic command is simply

poly <command>[ options]

You can find some basic help from the --help option at any level:

poly --help
poly json --help
poly yaml --help

Chat Copypasta

A slowly-expanding list of chat programs to copy/paste out of into a more sane a readable format (thanks, emoji reactions...)

The intention is for each command to support both the webapp and the desktop client for each of the chat programs (Yes, they copy differently. No, you shouldn't be surprised.)

Supported chat program(s):

  • Slack

Future support:

  • Discord
  • MS Teams


All of the following formats convert between each other:

  • JSON
  • YAML
  • TOML
  • JWT
  • URL Query String (see below for what this means)

NOTE: Some data types (like null in TOML) won't convert and might be dropped!

Additionally, you can convert between color formats:

  • Hex (e.g. #123, #123456, #1234, #12345678)
  • RGB (e.g. (10, 10, 10), (5,5,5))
  • RGBA (e.g. (10, 10, 10, 10), (5,5,5,5))

JWT Conversion

Converting to JWT requires two additional options:

  • -s, --secret: A secret string to encode/decode with
  • -a, --algorithm: An algorithm to encode/decode with

URL Query String Type Conversion

When converting from a query string you can use the -c, --convert flag to tell poly to attempt to convert all the values in the query string. They all start as strings, but it will attempt to do things like convert "true" to true for JSON/YAML, etc. This only works for the basic data types; it will not do anything smart like nested objects/lists.


assuming your clipboard contains a=1&b=true&c=a,b,c...

poly query-string json --convert

will result in

  "a": 1,
  "b": true,
  "c": "a,b,c"   // note that this is NOT ["a", "b", "c"]

?foo=bar,baz,bat will be converted as a string of {"foo": "bar,baz,bat"}, not as a list of {"foo": ["bar", "baz", "bat"]} If you want a list to be built, simply use the same query param multiple times.

More complex example (including list and complex object):

assuming your clipboard contains,b,c&b=false&d={"foo":"bar"}

(note that this contains a url! oooooo....)


poly query-string json --convert --include-url

will result in:

  "url": "",  // from --include-url
  "a": 1,
  "b": [true, false],  // multiple 'b' params were combined into a list
  "c": "a,b,c",   // note that this is NOT ["a", "b", "c"]
  "d": {"foo": "bar"}   // oooooo fancy

This is all done using the Python builtin ast.literal_eval() -- a completely safe function that will attempt simply to convert the string to a valid Python literal, but does not execute the string as code.

JSON formatting (json)

Manipulate JSON data from the clipboard

All commands start with poly json

  • pretty: pretty-prints the JSON in your clipboard and sends it back to the clipboard
  • one-line: outputs the JSON in your clipboard as a single line of text and sends it back to the clipboard

Base64 (b64)

Encode/Decode Base64 data

  • poly b64 from: Takes base64-encoded data from the clipboard, outputs the decoded data, and sends it back to the clipboard
  • poly b64 to: Takes data from the clipboard, outputs base64-encoded data, and sends it back to the clipboard

Hash Functions

Supports md5, sha1, sha256, and sha512

URL Query Param Encoding/Decoding

  • poly url encode
  • poly url decode

Encodes strings like

a=1&b=true&c=a,b,c&b=false&d={"foo": "bar", "baz": "bat"}



and decodes them back again.

Both encode/decode also support -q, --quote-plus which allows for encoding spaces as + instead of %20

String Manipulation

  • Line sorting (line-sort): This will attempt to sort the lines of a \n-separated string in your clipboard
  • Spongebob (sponge, spongebob): I WoNDeR What ThIS doEs
  • Smart Quotes (quotes): Replaces those stupid /// with proper quotes "/'
  • [Un]Escape Text (escape/unescape): Add/remove \ in a string for given characters


A generic text conversion/processing tool







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