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@3liz-bot 3liz-bot released this 25 Nov 10:49
  • Add support for Lizmap Web Client 3.4 :
    • Add Lizmap as a QGIS Server side plugin to evaluate QGIS Expression from Lizmap Web Client
      • Group visibility
      • Default value
      • Constraint
      • Form drilldown using Value Relation widget
    • Allow multiple Lizmap atlas
    • Add option for layer visibility according to a Lizmap group
    • Add option to activate the first map theme defined in QGIS
    • Improvements about the Dataviz
      • Add description
      • A chart can now have a multiple Y fields
      • Add Sunburst chart (and Z field)
      • Add HTML template chart
      • Add stacked and horizontal options for a bar chart
      • Add option to display the legend
      • Add black/light theme
      • Add option to display the chart only if the layer is visible
      • Dataviz can be customized with a JSON object
    • Improvements about the Time Manager
      • Review the settings
      • Add buttons to compute min/max values
    • Improvements about the Edition
      • Add options to snap on layers
      • Set tolerance for snapping
      • Add option to allow geometryless feature
    • Access rights
      • Add option to filter by user for edition only
      • Add option to hide a layer for some groups
    • Map tools
      • Add option to enable or not drawing tools
  • User experience :
    • Disable the "toggled" option for groups
    • Add a version feed to be aware of new versions of Lizmap Web Client