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Lizmap Web Client 3.4.0

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@laurentj laurentj released this 18 Dec 11:02
· 2836 commits to master since this release

New major release.

New features

  • Projects page
    • Possibility to add HTML content on the projects page, with image upload
    • Search filter : filter projects by text or tags
  • Popup
    • New button to get a single table for all children's feature
    • New module action to run PostgreSQL actions from feature popup.
      This module allows to add action buttons in the popup which trigger PostgreSQL queries and return a
      geometry to display on the map
    • Print PDF from a popup (layout having an atlas enabled). You can now define values for custom fields
  • Atlas tool: allow multiple atlas layer coverage
  • Map view
    • Improved UI for mobile. Hamburger button to toggle menu's view
    • Add drawing tools in map canvas
    • Possible to print these drawings (redlining)
    • QGIS theme switcher on a map
      • Display the QGIS Map theme by default
      • Option to change from one map theme to another one
    • Improvements in the geolocation feature
    • Angle measurement tool
    • Display mouse position in QGIS project's projection
    • Edit mouse position coordinates to center map to given ones
  • Selection tool
    • Select on multiple layers or a single one
    • Invert selection
  • Edition tool
    • Use QGIS expression in Lizmap edition (needs Lizmap plugin installed as a QGIS Server plugin)
      • Group visibility
      • Default value
      • Constraint
      • Form drilldown using Value Relation widget
    • Split tool
    • Enhanced selection
    • Snapping while editing
    • Display angle, current and total segment length
    • Geolocation survey show GPS accuracy, emitting bip
  • Dataviz tool
    • Add new sunburst chart type
    • Add new graph type HTML
    • Add internal theme support, between dark (default) and light
    • New options horizontal, display legend, stacked, description
    • Hide/show plot when source layer visibility changes
    • Support multiple traces & remove limit of 2 Y fields for Scatter & HTML
    • Localization
    • Check if layer is in scale range to toggle the corresponding map layer
    • Add new user layout option && replace resizePlot by responsive cfg && UI improvements
    • Add mode bar: zoom in, out & export to PNG
    • Add the resizePlot function back
  • Attribute Table view
    • A Lizmap Javascript script to show description labels instead of values in
      the attribute table for columns with ValueMap widget
    • Allow the use of the Lizmap Javascript script also for numeric columns
  • Timemanager tool
    • Review the configuration
  • Search tool
    • French BAN Search - Add lon and lat parameters to prefer local search around map initial extent center
  • Access rights
    • Send user info to QGIS Server through parameters to get access control
      performed by Lizmap plugin as a QGIS Server plugin
    • Restrict filter by user on edition only, based on lizmap plugin config
  • Administration
    • Project management and Lizmap configuration are now into separate pages
  • Command line tool
    • A command line to request project WMS GetCapabilities to put project in QGIS Server cache
  • Other
    • Support of user packages into lizmap/my-packages/. A user can install
      additional PHP packages like vendor modules for Lizmap, into the my-packages/
      directory. He should create a my-packages/composer.json.
    • Lizmap does not support anymore Internet Explorer (11 and lower)
    • Map themes - check layer legend checkbox even if not in scale range
    • Expose QGIS themes in Lizmap JSON config